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Membership is open to anyone. There are over 30 areas of service in which you can participate. Our main areas are listed below. Some involve patient contact, while others consist of clerical assignments, sewing at home or committee work. We can help you find the perfect volunteer opportunity!

Take a peek at what Blue Birds do…

Information Desk

Meet new people everyday as you greet visitors and patients. Located on the first floors of the Methodist Hospital and Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital, incoming patients and their families will see your smile first.

Patient Escort/Transport

One of the largest volunteer areas, you’ll provide comfort for patients as you travel with them during admittance, transport or discharge.

Surgery Waiting Room

Touch someone’s life by providing comfort and information before and after surgery. Working with a nurse liaison, you’ll be a vital communication link between doctors and families. Positions in both the Adult and the Children’s Hospitals are available.

Surgical and Cardiac Intensive Care and Neuro Critical Care Waiting Rooms

Be a calming force for families who are experiencing life-altering change. You’ll help disseminate information and be a guiding resource for out-of-town families.

Children’s Emergency Department

Assist nursing staff with their busy duties and help keep our littlest patients happy!

altAdult Emergency Room

Assist nursing staff in this most busy department! You'll also make patients feel more comfortable and ensure they are receiving the attention and care they deserve.

Gift Shop

Shop all day and assist visitors in finding the perfect gift for their loved ones. You can even deliver flowers to patients.

Newborn Intensive Care

Know that you are directly impacting new parents’ days in a positive way. One of the newest volunteer areas, duties include¬† providing information for parents and escorting visitors.


Pediatrics/Child Life

Warm your heart by making kids smile everyday. Interact and play with children who are recovering from illness or surgery.


Make an important difference by caring for cancer patients. Support for patients and their families is crucial – volunteers with big hearts are needed.

Floor Duty

Feel appreciated for the help you give to patients and their families. In this volunteer area, you’ll ensure patients have everything they need for a comfortable stay.

Sewing Committee

Show off your talent and make someone’s day without leaving your home. Help children feel comfortable by making caps, blankets and holiday stockings.

Mail and Flowers

Feel the warmth as you spread cheer and well wishes to patients staying in our hospitals. All mail and gifts are sorted and delivered in this volunteer area.


If you want to make days brighter, join the Blue Bird Auxiliary today!

For more information, call Volunteer Services at 210-575-4519.


"One of the main reasons I like to volunteer is I have the opportunity to make a difference."

Lynda Byrd

6-year Volunteer

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